Simple – Optimized – Powerful : Small and Home Business Promotion Made Easy – Shalooka Business Listing

Simple – Optimized – Powerful : Small and Home Business Promotion Made Easy – Shalooka Business Listing

Small and Home Business Promotion Made Easy

    ELLICOTT CITY, MD October 16, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — We are delighted to announce that Shalooka App is now officially available to download in the US and selected countries i-e users can now download app from google play store. While not all cities and places are available in the website drop-down selection, “Current Location” feature will allow for selection of current location for user which makes the process a lot more easier. Moreover, this feature makes Shalooka a true location based service complementing the set of powerful Free Business Listing Features.

Shalooka business listing platform works in two ways, first and foremost is the Android App which provides registration, authentication, user data interface alongside content management tools. Secondary is the website, which is a view-only Container & Viewer for the database, with each and every Business, Service and Item listing assigned its own unique URL.

In other words, Web Interface and Shalooka App share the same database, albeit web interface is currently limited to view-only. Web Listing Content is optimized for
– General browsing, queries and searches
– Provide localized Business listings
– Search engine results and listings

Shalooka is an exciting new way of free business listing and reaching out to customers via SERP. It is pack full of features designed to facilitate people not very familiar with the computers and new technology i-e It makes it easier to post and subsequently track their businesses and services online. There are several other variants of free business listings around however Shalooka provides user experience which is unique in terms of client feedback, local business trends & competition, and user interface experience. Some of the new features are listed below:

– Comprehensive Business Guides and Tips in Blog section
– User/Business Address Edit
– Easy Registration/Upgrade to Business Category
– User/Business Shalooka Score
– Score and User interaction Statistics Status View
– Live Item/Business URL sent directly to app
– Enhanced Website with better user experience

It is worth noting that currently, web interface has limited features. Business registration and content management is only possible via Android app. For businesses and users alike, we highly recommend using app for true experience while web listings shall be put to good use of Search Engine Optimization so anyone looking for particular service or business can reach-out via SERP.

Shalooka remains a tiny start-up that emerged out of a mega inspiration to help small businesses and especially home businesses reach out to prospective customer base. While a lot has been planned for future, For now It has been optimized as an enhanced free business listing.

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Published at Sat, 16 Oct 2021 08:00:00 +0000

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