NeverForgetOnline.com is a Memorial Web Portal

NeverForgetOnline.com is a Memorial Web Portal


    RIVERSIDE, CA, January 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Never Forget Online is a one-of-a-kind memorial platform based in Riverside County’s city of Riverside. It is a thriving library of humanity as it comes by. We use state-of-the-art technologies to preserve stories of lost souls who lost their lives with a smile.

The NFO platform is all about keeping those sweet demeanors of the deceased alive. Our platform makes the impossible possible. The primary purpose of its establishment is to bless the beautiful soul that once spread happiness with no strings attached.

NFO Mission & Goal

Never Forget Online’s main objective is to capture the story of humanity with a heart. It should be able to direct hearts towards betterment by healing broken ones. You can send us photos, videos, audio and written messages. We will help you create lively stories of yourself and those close to your heart.

We believe in providing consolation and utmost comfort to the bereaved families of the deceased. In return, make people move forward with unforgettable moments they spent with the person who has moved forward.

The overwhelming post-obituary platform’s mission is to make people feel proud of the “best human” they’ve ever met. As well, issue obituaries, articles, comments, and treasured pictures of the departed soul.

What do we publish

We publish anything to move and inspire the masses with life. Also, help the audiences to live their lives to the fullest. You can also share videos and short clips of children celebrating their birthday parties. Your cute and loyal pets are no exception. After all, they’re too cherished, a part of your whole family. We’re here to spread love and create optimistic vibes for people who miss their loved ones. All in all, the dedicatory team in the house makes sure no stone is left unturned to consecrate the once-happiest face under the roof.

Never Forget Online brings moments of life together to create a sense of harmony between them. We share everything interactively. Let it be first baby steps to the toddler’s first stutter in childcare, from school speeches to college graduation, parent-teacher meetings, or special academic events; NFO is always there for you.

Founder’s Statement

Hello, my name is Bryan Bonner. I’m an orthodox “ardent” follower of Christianity. Over the years, I’ve also redeemed myself as an apostle and a minister of the respected field.

My professional life is an eddying breeze of diverse “specialized” aptitudes. I have served as a pastor, a teacher, and even given rides to people as a ride-share driver, or delivering commodities across the continental United states as a commercial truck driver. Providing care for mentally-challenged adults and sharing guidance with hope to foster children was the best job I did last. Thus, Never Forget Online is something I’m doing I will never forget!

As a devoted thinker of death and what lies ahead, NFO was the best thing I could invent. A humble platform to tribute in loving memory of people of all ages.

Accomplishments, upcoming milestones, technologies, etc.

Never Forget Online dot com is a memorial web portal that utilizes present-day technologies for tributary purposes. It is why we intend to create a state-of-the-art library of the deceased ones. At the moment, we’re focusing on USA clients and soon will be moving globally to memorialize lost souls. Some of our progressive highlights are as follows:

• NFO is working on an online obituary databank. It will act as a universal deceased registry, allowing people to search for the departed ones.

• NFO is also in the final phase on its dedicated multimedia monument device, eMorial. It will allow experiencing funerals, visiting cemeteries via VR, and 360* full-view mausoleum trips.

• NFO’s website will also list cemeteries and memorial parks worldwide. Some of them will also be available to visit via VR headsets.

• Never Forget Online also offers personalized productions. It’s for people looking to pay homage to their loved ones with thoroughgoing “high-spirited” expressions.

• NFO also offers virtual venues for scheduled funerals and tributes.

• NFO’s website will soon offer a fully integrated online community that will offer inspirational tools, group sessions, mental health services, grief counseling and many other bereavement services. Some of the multimedia presentations will also be available for live interactive attendance.

• Never Forget Online web portal also honors the passing of your beloved pets. We create a customized picture collage with your thoughtful captions about them.

• NFO will also provide a meeting place for family members, relatives, friends, and your pets via Skype or Zoom link.

NFO Products

Never Forget Online dot com also provides products related to dedicatory services. Our tribute gifts include personalized apparel, keepsake Items, (T-shirts, Coffee mugs, designer cups, etc.) jewelry, urns, coffins, curbside monuments, gravesite displays, catacomb face etchings, and etc..

Never Forget Online is a memorial web portal based in Riverside, California. The central role of this website is to provide a sense of hope among the disheartened bereaved ones.

We collect and convert memos, pictures, videos, letters, and cherished keepsakes of the departed ones into interactive archives. We put sweet moments of life into breathtaking collages on the NFO platform. In simple words, we honor the people who deserve all the breathing world’s attention.

Website: https://neverforgetonline.com

Email: [email protected]

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