Seattle startup GleeNet spurs ‘Social Space Platform,’ the next version of the Internet

Seattle startup GleeNet spurs ‘Social Space Platform,’ the next version of the Internet

“Users share the same interests by accessing social pages of spaces such as cultural places and travel destinations, not through an individual’s social page.”

    SEATTLE, WA, December 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — GleeNet, an American startup founded by a Korean former university professor, is spurring the social space platform business, the next version of the Internet. Minha Kim, CEO of GleeNet, a startup based in Seattle, announced on the 15th that she had filed a trademark application with the Korean Intellectual Property Office on the 14th. In March and October of this year, she filed patent applications both at the KIPO and USPTO.

Founded in 2016, GleeNet is renewing the space-based social media business that Kim planned in 2015. The beta version of the application form was released in 2016, but it is being developed again to realize a more three-dimensional UX.

Regarding the space-based social media, Kim said, “Users share the same interests by accessing social pages of spaces (cultural spaces and places where cultural events such as paintings, music, sports take place, various travel destinations, cafes, libraries, etc.), not through an individual’s social page. It is a system that allows people to share memories about the space and conduct various communication activities including chatting.”

In other words, users can freely upload visual content such as photos and videos in search of cultural spaces or travel destinations and enjoy them through mobile, tablet, TV, or large media walls. It is a new portal that can do it.

Space-based social media is a platform that can provide full-scale service of social content, which was first announced by Kim at a conference co-hosted by the Korean Association for Broadcasting and Telecommunication Studies and KBS while she served as a professor at Sungkyunkwan University in 2010. It is said that the social content announced at the time meant that viewers can participate in the production of terrestrial broadcast content using social media.

Kim said, “These days, the metaverse is on the rise, but in fact, my business is a social space platform that is one step ahead of that. While the metaverse is limited to virtual space centered on avatars, space-based social media is a system that connects the virtual space with the real world.”

Kim is working from various angles to realize a spatial and three-dimensional UX. She said, “The motivation for pursuing this kind of business is to realize a technology that instantly moves people like music.” GleeNet is currently pursuing the establishment of a corporation in Canada.

GleeNet, a startup based in Seattle, USA, was founded by a former professor of journalism, and stands for a humanistic network that preserves human creative thinking and free will. It is promoting a new type of portal service by remodeling the space-based social media Omnibus and interview app Blue Carpet launched in 2016.

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